Targeted Chinese Marketing Through Microblogging

Weibo Marketing is a rather new Chinese Social Networking tool that has just recently been introduced. It was introduced around the end of 2021 and its primary target market is the Chinese audience. Because this platform is relatively new, its very scope of potential customers and possible business opportunities is also limited. In order to attract the attention of China’s audience, you should have a very strong content network or social media strategy.

Weibo Marketing

Unlike other social networks like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, Weibo follows a much more personalized approach. There is no artificial intelligence involved, so it is very unlike other platforms like Google Buzz or LinkedIn where trends in the industry are fairly easy to analyze based on the data available to the public. With Weibo, it is essential that you use your Weibo Marketing wisely to gain as much popularity as possible, because without enough active users, you will not be able to promote your business to the Chinese audience. So to help you learn how to get the most out of your Weibo Marketing campaign in China, we have compiled a handy guide below.

Create Your Brand – One of the most important things to do with Weibo is to create your own brand image and make it known to the Chinese audience. This can be done by using Weibo’s official accounts and interacting with them. To build up a good online reputation for your brand, make sure that you post quality content and offer genuine information to your Weibo official account and that your account stays interesting to your audience. Do not post any promotional content or announcements that are only meant to attract audience. Also avoid making general statements through your Weibo campaign or going over-the-top when promoting your products. Instead, share tips or useful information through your official Weibo account.

Make Use of Keywords – Uses the correct keywords to attract audience is another crucial factor in your marketing campaign in China. Weibo uses specific keywords that will help you identify potential customers, and based on that identify the kind of product that will suit your target audience. This is one way to attract a large number of the audience especially if you are targeting to a larger segment of the population than what you can approach via traditional marketing channels. You can make use of search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your rankings in the results pages where the searches for particular terms are generated. To make sure that you have high ranking among the results, put relevant keywords in the tags and titles of your posts.

Promote Your Weibo Account – As part of your Weibo marketing campaign in China, you need to take advantage of the wide network of existing and potential customers. Get in touch with them through your Weibo account and set up a communication channel between your company and your audience. As you post valuable information in your microblogging account, you will gain wider exposure to the audience and that could lead to an increased level of visibility over the internet as well. In addition to this, once you start getting more visitors to your site, you will be able to build a better relationship with them and that could eventually lead to better business opportunities down the road.

Make Your Content Trending – If you want to make your Weibo content more popular among the Chinese audience, then you should carefully observe the way the data and information that you post are being viewed by the microblogging website. You can do this by keeping track of the top 10 searched terms and using these as your main keyword for your content. When it comes to SEO, make sure that your Weibo marketing content is updated regularly to ensure that it keeps attracting a large number of visitors. Make sure that the information that you upload is keyword-rich so that when the web crawlers and spider bots are checking for updated information on Weibo, it will bring the page to the top. This is one great strategy that will help you attract more visitors to your site, and at the same time, help to keep your Weibo content in a prominent position among the other Weibo content.