Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

Digital Marketing Trends In 2021 Digital Marketing Trends is changing at lightening speed. One minute you might be thinking about a small change, the next you’re going to want to scale up your campaign to include a major overhaul. As a business owner, changing digital marketing trends can be a very disruptive and expensive process. […]

We Chat – How it Can Help Your Brand

We Chat – How it Can Help Your Brand The traditional approach to internet marketing has been to create a mini-app or long-form content to promote your business. The problem with this approach is that it tends to create buyer’s remorse: users tend to uninstall apps that are just not good. Wechat is different: it […]

Digital Marketing Secrets

A Digital Marketing secret is really nothing more than optimizing your web pages for search engines and having organic traffic flowing through your pages. Organic traffic is what drives sales and helps you achieve brand awareness for your business. SEO or search engine optimization is the backbone of how to achieve this goal and it […]

The Impact of Digital Media on Society

Digital media describes any media which are encoded electronically in machine- readable formats. Digital media is generated, viewed, modified, listened to, and stored on a computer. The media can also be transmitted over a network of computers. Digital media players include DVD players, CD players, satellite players, game consoles, portable media players, digital TV, video […]

Social Media Marketing Course – Turns Your Audience Into Buyers

Social Media Marketing Course – Turns Your Audience Into Buyers Social media marketing courses Free Online Courses can help you get your business out the door. Social media marketing training give you access to the most cutting edge social media marketing coaching when and where ever you require it with fresh content added almost daily. […]

The Secrets to a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

YouTube marketing is often an intimidating instrument for brands looking to capitalize on their online exposure. For many small to mid-sized businesses, YouTube offers the most accessible platform for them to brand themselves and create a presence on the internet. Unfortunately, it also makes marketing difficult. It combines an effective marketing principle with one of […]

How Content Marketing Can Transform Your Website

How Content Marketing Can Transform Your Website With the rising popularity of the internet, many businesses are realizing the benefits of having an online presence with a website that carries their products and services. While there are certainly advantages to be had through the use of Search Engine Optimization, many organizations are discovering that there […]

Email Marketing Tips – How to Find Opt-In Best Practices

Average email open rate, when measured against other campaigns, refers to the actual percentage of readers who opened your email. If you send out a promotional campaign to 10,000 readers and only 4,500 open the email, your open rate would then be 35%. This opens up a big opportunity for you as the email with […]

Targeted Chinese Marketing Through Microblogging

Weibo Marketing is a rather new Chinese Social Networking tool that has just recently been introduced. It was introduced around the end of 2021 and its primary target market is the Chinese audience. Because this platform is relatively new, its very scope of potential customers and possible business opportunities is also limited. In order to […]

How to Create More Traffic With YouTube Marketing

One in eight internet users spends at least ten hours or more viewing videos, which makes YouTube one of the world’s largest and most visited sites. YouTube allows internet marketers to present unique content which is easy to consume and share with millions of people. YouTube also allows marketers to introduce new products, generate revenue, […]