Email Marketing Tips – How to Find Opt-In Best Practices

Average email open rate, when measured against other campaigns, refers to the actual percentage of readers who opened your email. If you send out a promotional campaign to 10,000 readers and only 4,500 open the email, your open rate would then be 35%. This opens up a big opportunity for you as the email with the most open rate gets the most advertising space. However, there are several other factors to consider when it comes to email marketing. To make the most of your email marketing campaign, there are some things you should consider doing or at least have in mind:

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The most important thing when it comes to email marketing is the subject line. Email marketing professionals agree that the email subject line is the deciding factor of whether or not someone opens and reads the email. In fact, most emails contain good subject lines because the email subject line is the chance for the sender to get something of value across. So, when creating your email subject line, keep your subject line to four words or less.

Pre header: A well-written, effective email subject line will only make the email subject lines of poor quality open. Therefore, make sure your subject lines convey to the reader that your email content is valuable. Avoid using words like “free,” “discounts,” or “buy now.” The reader doesn’t want to open an email whose main purpose is to sell them something.

Body of the email: Once you have got someone’s attention with the subject line, the next step is to keep him/her interested by writing solid content. Make sure the content in your email is helpful and valuable to the reader. Your email subject line should only give the reader a taste of what the content is about. Don’t drown them in a bunch of advertising words. Writing quality content will help to increase open rates.

Open Rate: This simply measurement of how many subscribers are opening your emails is very important. To measure this, you can look at the open rates for similar products from your list of subscribers. If the open rate for emails from the list is much higher than average, it means that readers are eager to open your emails and get information from you. This means that you are advertising to a highly targeted list of subscribers.

However, these open rate measurements don’t always mean that your email list is advertising to an appropriate target audience. You could end up advertising to people who would never purchase anything from your business. Therefore, you need to evaluate your marketing campaigns to see which ones may result in a high level of open rate and which ones may result in a low level of open rate. This could result in a significant loss of revenue for your business.