Email Marketing Tips – How to Find Opt-In Best Practices

Average email open rate, when measured against other campaigns, refers to the actual percentage of readers who opened your email. If you send out a promotional campaign to 10,000 readers and only 4,500 open the email, your open rate would then be 35%. This opens up a big opportunity for you as the email with […]

Targeted Chinese Marketing Through Microblogging

Weibo Marketing is a rather new Chinese Social Networking tool that has just recently been introduced. It was introduced around the end of 2021 and its primary target market is the Chinese audience. Because this platform is relatively new, its very scope of potential customers and possible business opportunities is also limited. In order to […]

How to Create More Traffic With YouTube Marketing

One in eight internet users spends at least ten hours or more viewing videos, which makes YouTube one of the world’s largest and most visited sites. YouTube allows internet marketers to present unique content which is easy to consume and share with millions of people. YouTube also allows marketers to introduce new products, generate revenue, […]

A Brief Digital Marketing Secret Review

Digital Marketing is indeed one of the most booming industries today. With 40% annual growth rates, more people are gradually drawn into this industry. But it’s best when it’s done within-company and that is why Digital Marketers constantly is in-demand around the globe today. What makes them so popular? Below are some of their top […]

Podcast Marketing – 4 Easy Steps to Podcasting Your Seasonal Show

Podcast Marketing – 4 Easy Steps to Podcasting Your Seasonal Show Podcast marketing is nothing but the act of promoting yourself, your services or your products through the production and distribution of audio contents. You basically share free audio contents on the internet to optimise them in such a manner which will ultimately lead to […]

The Inconsistent Answers You Get From Facebook Chat Bots

The Inconsistent Answers You Get From Facebook Chat Bots What is Chatbot Marketing? A quick Google search of the term will give you a lot of different answers. “A bot” is one word that may be used to refer to artificial intelligent computers, whereas “chatbot” is a more generic term. So which is it? What […]

How You Can Use MeWe Marketing To Your Advantage

Meet the Manager: MeWe Marketing, a dynamic online marketing company that concentrates on creative content, social media management, and no advertising at all. Managing Director Meet the Manager is the Managing Partner, Mewe Marketing from Edesia, Rhode Island. She is a Certified Internet Marketer with an affiliate marketing background and a four year degree in […]

The Different Online Marketing Channels

The Different Online Marketing Channels Online Marketing has been one of the most effective strategies to reach to the target consumer base in order to raise brand awareness and create consumer loyalty. With a strong online presence, businesses are able to expand their business and reach into markets where they might not have been possible […]

How Digital Marketing Trends Is Changing Business

How Digital Marketing Trends Is Changing Business The next few years are quite exciting for all marketers and business owners. The year 2021 will mark the first decade that new internet business models, applications, and online behaviors will be fully established. What is important to note at this point is that all marketing trends will […]