How Flexible Is Digital Media?

While traditional advertising methods may be less flexible, digital media is a great way to promote your brand in a variety of ways. Brands can test media campaigns and cancel them without penalty, and they can also be more flexible and adaptable than other forms of advertising. During times of crisis, brands need reassurance that their marketing will pay off. With these tips, you can make the most of your digital media campaigns. Here are some examples of effective campaigns.

Among new media, the internet-based forms of advertising, such as social media, are gaining popularity in the advertising space. Because more consumers are relying on their cell phones for nearly everything, these new channels are becoming increasingly effective. According to experts, businesses will spend $172 billion on digital advertising by 2021. But, how do you know whether your advertising efforts will be successful? Here are some ways to gauge the success of your campaigns:

User-Generated Content: The growth of user-generated content has led to the development of new video-centric social media platforms. The creation of such content is highly engaging, especially for younger audiences. A survey from Nielsen found that half of US respondents watch more user-generated content than they did six months ago. And, half of Gen Zs say they always spend more time watching it than they originally planned. This trend is only increasing, and it may even become a lucrative business model for brands.

Traditional Media: While traditional media advertising has shifted, it is still effective when used strategically. Not only does it reach your ideal audience, it also keeps your brand at the top of the competition. According to a MarketingSherpa study, traditional media remains one of the top five most trusted advertising formats. A strategic mix of traditional and digital marketing media helps you build a stronger foundation on which to grow your brand. For more information about how digital media can help you market your brand, read on.

Targeting Potential: New media can increase your visibility among your target audience. Targeting individuals is a huge advantage of digital advertising, as it allows for multiple creatives to be used at once. New media is easy to use and offers more precise targeting than traditional media. If used properly, digital media can go viral and increase your brand’s image. The ability to reach specific demographics is especially useful for targeting specific audiences. With new media, you can make your brand feel more approachable to consumers. Traditional media has a reputation that is built over many years.

Traditional Media is also a great way to reach your target audience. While digital media is becoming more popular, traditional media is still valuable, especially when used as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Traditional media is still important because it works. By integrating traditional media with digital media, you can position your brand in front of more audiences than ever before. Increasingly, consumers consume all types of media, and using a combination of traditional and digital media can help you achieve the best results.