Email Marketing Tips – How To Use “Subject Lines” As A Sales Strategy

Email marketing is a powerful and effective way of communicating with your target audience. However, for email marketing to be truly effective, it must be organized properly. One psychological truth that’s almost impossible to resist is your fear of missing out on the opportunity presented by your email. By adding an element of urgency (or scarcity) to your email, you can utilize this fear to help drive sales for your business.

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Emojis. Emojis, also known as “hue” or “ui”, are an excellent way to add emotion to your email subject lines. Emojis are simple graphics or texts that you insert into your email subject lines. Many of these text messages are short and stubby, making it easier for your recipients to glance at before deciding if they want to open or read the message. For effective use of emojis, try using colors or shapes that relate to your niche and audience. For instance, if you’re promoting children’s toys, use cute characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore.

Tagging. If you want your emails to take action, you should create actionable items in each email subject line. For example, if you’re sending out sales offers to people who’ve responded to your ad via email, you should include the names of the follow-up emails in the subject line. These will be the emails that people open to take action. By taking action, you give your readers a reason to open your emails, which increases the chances of them opening and reading them all the way through.

Scarcity. Another psychological truth is that if you offer a high-prize (or free incentive) for responding to an email, your recipients are much more likely to take action on it. So if you’re sending out newsletters to clients with sales tips, use a scarcity to get started: If your newsletter topic is “How To Get Started In Network Marketing,” get ready to offer a giveaway of a new eBook or mini-course on the theme for a limited time. Doing this works because scarcity increases the importance of the prize, making recipients desire it even more.

Open rates. When email marketing, it’s important to remember that your recipients don’t have to wait for your email subject lines to open before they’ll open your emails. Instead, use the “opinion” that they provide in their opening emails to encourage them to open up your emails. For instance, if you know from your contacts that “Your email subject lines keep us awake at night” is a common response, then mention this in your email subject lines.

Content strategy. The best subject lines and emails also depend largely on how useful the content they open up is. Consider how effective your newsletter or blog post title and call to action will be as soon as the reader takes a look at it. You should offer the most compelling content within the first few seconds of opening the email, then build upon this point by staying on the edge of your niche for as long as humanly possible.